Vijayam Business School the best mba colleges in chittoor. Powerful Education.Powerful Education.|Rich Features.

At VIJAYAM BUSINESS SCHOOL is one of the established Business Schools, located at the heart of Chittoor, the students gain knowledge from our experienced Faculty and special guest lecturers given by corporate experts with a curriculum equal to IIMs and Famous B Schools.

Innovative and Learning Practice

Places importance on quality and value when it comes to academics and is committed to providing students with knowledge and skills that are in demand, besides offering opportunities to learn a variety of new concepts and skills.

Supportive Environment (Infrastructure)

Well–equipped digital classrooms, state-of the-art-infrastructure are offered to create a unique academic approach to provide cutting edge quality education to students and enhance discipline, integrity, and the ability to think innovatively.

Career Development Opportunities

At Vijayam B School students can build academic networks through seminars, conferences, University-Industry interface, study-tours, student-exchange programs, and internships that bring endless opportunities to create great career paths.

Marketing is a fundamental approach to managerial decision-making. It helps the development and management of customers, markets, and strategy to serve those customers.

Finance specialization underpins the business and financial skills needed to work in the corporate world. As finance is the lifeblood of the business, every venture needs finance domain expertise.

An MBA in Human Resource Management is a highly in-demand postgraduate degree and mostly preferred by students. Moving beyond good interpersonal skills, the course provides.

Why Vijayam Business School?

Vijayam Business School is chittoor’s best mba colleges in chittoor with an international perspective. VBS, a place where ideas are born, theories are debated and business is done. Much more than a source of knowledge, it is a catalyst that can make a difference to the career and personal progression of students. The MBA programs have a strong foundation in academic research, yet are designed to tackle the very real issues that face today’s international business community.

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About Vijayam Business School

A multi-core, service organization. best mba colleges in chittoor is set up 6 k.m. away from Chittoor Town, in a lush green campus in response to the growing demand for quality education and training in the field of management and entrepreneurship.

The institute is committed to promoting management knowledge and skills among youth aspiring to become managers and the entrepreneurial resources of our nation. The institute keeps in mind that students are not only imparted with knowledge but also emphasis should be on empathetic attitude, love, community living, team spirit, discipline and cultural tolerance.

With a talent pool of faculty, interactive pedagogical approaches, continuous mentoring, training in life skills and also placements in multi-national companies, state-of-the-art infrastructure and lush green and sylvan environs ambient for a scintillating learning experience, Vijayam Business School is all set to transform students as competent professionals.


To foster human development through excellence in Quality Education, Research, and Entrepreneurial Development.


To provide quality education, creating human assets / manpower and intellectual capital.
To enhance research and development in different disciplines.
To develop new generation entrepreneurs who will be instrumental in fueling economic growth.
To create able Leaders, Managers, and Technocrats.
To foster an ethical environment founded on human values in which both spirit and skill will thrive to enrich the quality of life.

college vision & mission

Vijayam – A recognized name among best MBA colleges in chittoor

The School of business at vijayam constantly works towards enhancing the quality of management and business education in Chittoor.

As one of the best MBA colleges in chittoor, we offer our students multi-faceted programs taught by highly-experienced and qualified faculty in a nurturing educational environment. We also provide a contemporary curriculum and state-of-art infrastructure to support the holistic development of our students. Covering the standard as well as innovative aspects of management, our aim is to train students to face real-time business scenarios as effectively as possible, on their path to developing as global leaders in business and management.

We are among the top MBA institutes in chittoor

As one of the top MBA colleges in chittoor , we offer a wide range of programs, introducing students to various facets of business and management. While Bachelors of Business Administration, Masters of Business Administration and Executive MBA are among our standard programs, we also offer post graduate diploma in a wide number of areas including online business, supply chain management, sports management, leadership and governance, operation management, etc.,

Vijayam Business School, one of the best management colleges in chittoor, students can make their choice from an array of courses – a general MBA (with specialization in General Management/ Marketing/ Accounting & Finance/ International Business, and Human Resources), Entrepreneurship and MBA.

Furthermore, to improve our standing as one of the top MBA institutes in chittoor and gain recognition throughout chittoor and outside.

Thanks to our special program of Master of Business Administration in collaboration, we are now identified among the best MBA colleges in chittoor town for providing well-rounded exposure in management education.

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