MBA in Marketing

Marketing is a fundamental approach to managerial decision-making. It helps the development and management of customers, markets, and strategy to serve those customers. Marketing management uses decision-making analytics and models to develop creative marketing campaigns. A strong training in marketing can help provide critical inputs for decision-making in strategic areas. Marketing courses are valuable preparation for many types of management careers, including brand and marketing management, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

The important role of marketing in strategic decision-making also makes marketing courses good choices for those with interests in marketing communications, sales, marketing analytics, customer relationship management, marketing and services, rural marketing are a few.

Value Proposition

Learn-Work-Learn Concept

Under the Learn-Work-Learn concept, students are given an opportunity with a set of identified ventures (or companies which VBS have a tie-up with) which will act as ‘experiment zones’ to apply concepts of Marketing where students will get to see tangible results of their plans. These practical applications will be assessed at the end of the semester by company representatives and faculty members.

Lab Based Learning

‘Marketing Analytics’, ‘Marketing Research’ and ‘Information Systems for Managers’ will be offered with 50% to 100% lab-based learning methodologies. Live projects will be given for marketing research which will enhance reality-based learning among students.

Career Opportunities

A marketing concentration gives students the fundamentals to understand customers, markets, competitors and brands. Students can choose this course to prepare themselves for careers in the corporate sector in marketing fields that range from key account management, customer relationship management, product management, advertising, and sales, to retailing, e-business, distribution management, and strategic marketing planning. Students can look forward to career opportunities in large and small organizations representing a spectrum of banking, financial services, industrial, consumer goods, FMCG, services, brand management firms, electronic commerce, mobile commerce, and consulting firms.

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